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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Magical Mystery...

I don't know. Maybe I'm more in tune with the Vatican since watching Angels and Demons. This morning, up pops the news that the seat of Catholic power has made peace with the Beatles.

I had always imagined amazing and secretive meetings in the cloistered confines of Vatican City. Bishops, Cardinals and the Holy See praying and strategizing on how to blunt the progress of atheism and spread the love that is Jesus and His Holy church.

Frankly, I'm a little disappointed.

Someone in the Vatican has actually been keeping track of the anniversary of John Lennon's 1966 famous - or infamous - quip that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus.


Forty years since the breakup of the iconic band, it's time for the Vatican to issue an official forgiveness proclamation?

Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano paid glowing tribute to how the Fab Four's melodies transcend their mortal sins and " on like precious jewels."


What do you think?



  1. Their melodies transcend their mortal sins? I'm all for Beetles' music often being like precious jewels; however, I'm no big believer in salvation by works alone--which is what this sounds like. Maybe that's not how they meant it.
    Sorry to take this so literally.

  2. I'm not sure it was 'salvation by works'...I took it as more of a forgiveness by decree - which I don't particularly agree with. Not sure God speaks to the Pope about which musical acts to pardon...


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