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Friday, February 18, 2011

Bubbles are worse than road rage...

Don't tell anyone, but I am starting to type notes to myself on my Blackberry while I'm driving. It seems I have my best ideas for writing - be it blog entries or advancing the plot of my novel Night's Edge - while driving. I try my best to only do this if I'm at a red light; maybe I need to go on a Blackberry fast.

I recently had a friend who had a crisis. My friend and I had talked periodically about getting together for months. Most recently, he had even asked that we get together so he could talk to me about something that was bothering him. My life is busy - but no busier than others - and certainly not busy enough to put off spending time with someone in need, right?

These recent events got me thinking about how we interact with those around us. Unfortunately perhaps, the picture that sprang to mind was that of Lady Gaga making her grand entrance into the recent Grammy Awards ceremony.

I'm not a fan of Lady Gaga but my perception of her symbolism here is unmistakable - the egg protects her from the harshness of the world around her while still acknowledging her specialness. Or maybe not, but that's what started me thinking yesterday...

Remember, I was in my car - my own special bubble; we all have one. A few years ago, I couldn't read a paper, watch the news or talk to someone without hearing stories of road rage - horrifying tales of drivers folllowing people, confronting other drivers at traffic lights, pulling guns, running people off the road for perceived was rampant.

Now? I can't recall the last time I heard a road rage story.

Have we all retreated into our eggs, our bubbles? Have we unplugged from society? Shelved our emotions in favor of just not caring at all? A phrase I hear a lot of lately is, "I'm done with that."

Are we done with each other?

What do you think?


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