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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

He'll be back...

This article on MSNBC opines that Tiger Woods will never recover from the marital infidelity scandal he is currently embroiled in.

I am disappointed in Tiger - no doubt about it - but to say that he will never recover is naive. The media-consuming public has a notoriously short memory. The article mentions Kobe...what about Ted Kennedy? Holy cow, he was responsible for the death of a woman and he came out of that to serve forever on the Senate, with distinction. Listening to the endless eulogies after his death, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that Mr. Kennedy is going to be put forward as a candidate for sainthood. But we're not talking about the honorable senator from the great state of Massachusetts.

We all get mad when our idols let us down. That is more an indictment on us than on the object of our misplaced idol-worship. Tiger will be back - he is too good of a golfer and too strong mentally. Will he be as loved? Probably not. But within a year, maybe two at most - he will be tearing it up again.

Either that or your looking at the next Howard Hughes...I could be wrong - I'm not perfect either.

What do you think?



  1. I agree wth you. I was also very disappointed with Tiger--we all thought he was that honest-to-goodness squeaky clean good guy and honorable role model for all our kids. Another one down in flames. But he's still a tremendous talent, and his personal failings don't negate his prowess on the links. He will never be the all-around hero in our eyes again, but he is still respected for his abilities playing golf, just like Kobe in basketball. How many other sports figures continued to succeed in their sport in spite of personal baggage? Darryl Strawberry comes to mind. Jose Conseco, Alex Rodriquez. Drugs for some, sex for others. If he doesn't get back on top of his gane, I'll be surprised.

  2. I guess I always thought because he was so disciplined and single-minded on the course, he would be able to resist the temptations of life. At least some of them anyway.

    I'm more shocked than anything that he let his guard down so often in an obviously hazardous fashion.

    Live and learn, I guess. My hope is that he can get his act together and somehow re-establish a loving bond with his wife and children.

    Till death do us part.


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