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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The music is in my head

I've had a few songs running around in my head lately. Maybe it's the ringing in my ears...

It's rare that I like live versions of songs that have really grabbed me from a studio release. Many bands seem to think that we all crave the improvisational stylings they sometimes bring to popular tunes when performed live. I have a word of advice for any famous musicians/bands/singers that might stop by The Stream: don't.

As with any rule, there is always an exception. And in this case - two. I first heard Shaker Song when I listened to the debut Spyro Gyra album: Spyro Gyra. Did I mention I typically don't like remakes either?

A few years later I happened to catch another of my favorite bands, Manhattan Transfer, singing - you guessed it - Shaker Song. After getting over my initial umbrage (old habits can be hard to break), I decided I loved it! Here's a live version of Shaker Song performed in Japan circa 1986...(takes a moment to load, please e patient)

Visitors to The Stream might recognize Janice Siegel, the Manhattan Transfer vocalist singing lead on Shaker Song, from a post I did months ago regarding a song from the movie Swing Kids entitled Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen. That lady can really sing...

Anyway, back to Shaker Song. For those who don't remember the original version from Spyro Gyra, here's a chance to listen - no flashy video - just great music...

This is just a small example, from the seemingly infinite jazz universe that we live in, of tremendous music. Enjoy - and happy new year!



  1. I love Spyro Gyra's first album. Still have it and still love it!

  2. It is definitely a keeper - what do you think of the Manhattan Transfer version of Shaker Song?


  3. I like it, too, but not quite as much as the original! The singer is very good though. I really like her voice and she has great stage presence.


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