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Friday, June 4, 2010

Freaky Friday..., not the one with LiLo.

You can tell it's a World Cup year when they have videos like this one out...

Short post today but honestly, it's quality over quantity, wouldn't you say?


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  1. Not a comment on this but on your comment on my blog about my review of Seabird. I am replying here because I cannot find your email address anywhere.

    If you will check my blog again you will find that I have now posted my review of Sherry's "Earthbow, Volume I", and you are mentioned in it regarding your great lament in re Cara, which I found very very moving. Just a few days ago I was musing over that poignant remark about not being able to go home again, which the lament reminded me of.

    Sherry is a very great writer and I am overwhelmed at having just found her. Forty years ago in Philly I was the President of a Lewis/Tolkien discussion group and we thought we would never see their likes again. I almost can not believe this is really happening. Is this real or am I dreaming??


    Forrest Schultz


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