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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Is this the end of Apple?

I read a brief article this morning that questioned whether Apple had lost its technological edge in this time after the passing of founder Steve Jobs. The article - and I'm paraphrasing - asks the question, "Is Apple sliding away from innovation and toward design as its product vision?"

Is (was) Apple Steve Jobs?

I've come to view the consumer electronics industry as a bit like quicksilver. Apple has been riding the wave but with the loss of their iconic frontman, it will be difficult to maintain the attention of the technoratti.

Something and/or someone is going to come along and usurp the's inevitable. I am not an Apple acolyte but can appreciate what they have accomplished. They are Connery's James Bond to Dean Martin's Matt Helm or perhaps James Coburn's Derek Flint. Bond was - and is - king; although some might argue that Matt Damon has staked a claim to the throne with his portrayal of Jason Bourne.

Long live the king?

But fictional super-spies aside, I believe the article, as well as a few of the comments posted below it - makes a valid point: the idea is not for Apple to change who they are - after all, Daniel Craig is still 100% Bond - but to do it in such a way as to shock the status quo while keeping the underlying cool and cache which they (Apple) have established. What is the next big thing for Apple? It's not colors, it's not weight, and it's certainly not a television. Maybe they can look to Google for inspiration. Google is radically changing the dynamic of how a company offers broadband services to consumers. Gigabit speeds? To the home? Who needs that?!?

Build it and they will come...

I remember buying a PC in 1990; the salesman asked if I wanted the 386SX or the 386DX. The DX had more CPU horsepower and supported more memory but I thought to myself, "Why pay the extra money for the DX when the SX does what I need it to do?"

It wasn't long before I mourned that decision.

For Apple's sake, let's hope that while they're distracting us with pretty baubles their engineers are designing and building something that will take our breath away. The question they should be asking themselves is, "What is the most amazing thing we could make?"

How about four small things; things that you could carry in your pocket. You take them out and stick them to the wall or your desktop in a familiar rectangular pattern. As the fourth one settles into place, an interactive holographic display appears, in the middle is a shimmering Apple logo.
Is the Rabbit eating the Apple?

"The name is Bond; James Bond."

What do you think?



  1. I worried about this when Steve died. I have to say that the iPhone5 did not ease this worry. There are several features on the phone that are not as aesthetically pleasing as the 4. However, after seeing features like the thumbprint scanner of the 5s, the iPad Air, the new MacBooks, and the amazing MacPro (it's cylindrical!!), I have regained some confidence.

    I'm sure the world will never know what crazy inventions would have come out of Steve's mind, but though he was unique, he is not the only person capable of great ideas. Just hoping that Apple scoops up all the people that are!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I have to admit that the MacPro is pretty doggone sexy...but you could make the argument that despite all the advanced technology touted in the overview, it's still just a computer with a new design. That said, it's the closest computer Apple has ever made that could lure me to switch!

    What I am looking for though is something next-level. As advanced as the new MacPro is, it's still just a computer. To me, what I expect from Apple, is game-changing technology. The iPod, iPhone and even iTunes changed the way we do things. Whether it's Apple or someone else, that's what I'm waiting for...

    Thanks again for stopping by!


  3. Once you go Mac you never go back.... and I am not talking about Mac M.!

  4. Never really been tempted to go Mac...but that new MacPro cylinder looks pretty skippy...

    Thanks for stopping in!



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