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Monday, November 18, 2013

Please Hire Tim Tebow - Week 11

I'll be honest, I had no idea that we would be in week 11 of the 2013 NFL season and Tim Tebow would still not be a quarterback in the National Football League. I will have to concede that at this stage, it is unlikely at best that Mr. Tebow is going to be playing this season. In this week's blog, Let's take a look at quarterback play around the league with Tebow's Achilles' Heel - pass completion percentage - in mind. And while we're at it, let's not forget that pesky winning thing.

Packers lose to Giants: One of the early-season goats, Eli Manning, has quietly proven me prescient. After starting 0-6, the Giants (as I predicted) are now 4-6 and out of the NFC East basement. I think Manning's job is secure. I'm not so sure about Scott Tolzien though. Sure, he's just a placeholder until Aaron Rogers returns but look at the numbers: Tolzien was a stout 24 of 34 (better than 70%) for 339 yards with no sacks. But...there were those three interceptions, one of which I caught in the highlights. Video evidence showed Giant defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul reach up with his island-sized paws, snatch the ball out of the air, and lumber off into the end zone. Don't get me wrong, Eli isn't playing lights-out either...but he's winning.

Jason Pierre-Paul and the Giants are on the come-back trail...

Vikings lose to Seahawks: I've about given up trying to figure out what's happening in Minnesota. I still have a soft spot for the Vikings from way back before Tampa had the Buccaneers. What nickname would appeal to an 8-year-old boy more than The Purple People Eaters? On a day when Adrian Peterson was not the leading rusher for the Vikes, two of their three quarterbacks combined to complete a woeful 18 passes for 204 yards on 35 attempts. I didn't see the game but with Christian Ponder being intercepted twice, sacked twice, and fumbling twice (losing one), I can only imagine that's when the erstwhile people eaters called on backup Matt Cassels. He didn't fumble or get sacked but his lone TD pass came in garbage time and he did throw a pick as well. Beside the obvious question of where is Josh Freeman, one might ask, "Could 2014 be Tebow Time in the Twin Cities?"

AP and the Vikes went nowhere against the Seahawks...

Jaguars lose to Cardinals: I hope you're proud of me for not dog-piling the Jaguars this week. I waited until the third highlight to kick them while they're down. Chad Henne played the entire game and put up NFL caliber numbers: 27 of 42 for 255 yards and a score. And then...two interceptions, two sacks, and the Jags have their ninth loss of the season in ten games. Mr. Khan, can I give you the number of Tim Tebow's agent please?

Anyone got Tebow's home number?

Texans lose to Raiders: Who the heck is Matt McGloin? Whoever he is, he's backing up an injured Terrelle Pryor in Oakland and taking full advantage. Although not stratospheric, the rookie's 56% completion rate and 197 yards passing were buttressed by 3 touchdown passes. The Texans, who started the season as playoff favorites, are all over the map and nowhere is that more apparent than in the quarterback department. The once-steady Matt Schaub is not, and exciting backup Case Keenum has fallen back to Earth (Are you listening Mr. McGloin?). It's doubtful either of these teams make the playoffs. I wonder how Tebow would look in boots and a Stetson?

You could always go back to school and get your MBA...

I could go on but I think the point is, there are quarterbacks that the NFL standard bearers hold up as good quarterbacks who, frankly, aren't. Chad Henne has completed 61% of his passes this year...and you see how many games he has won. Matt Schaub has completed almost 63% of his passes this season...and the Texans have won twice. Philip Rivers, Matt Ryan, Tony Romo, Geno Smith, Sam Bradford...these are all starting quarterbacks in the NFL with pass completion percentages that are recognized as being decent. Every one of them is on a losing (or .500) team.

So if completion percentage is one of the key benchmarks in the decision to play a quarterback, where does winning come into play? Clearly, Tim Tebow's NFL completion percentage is not up to these standards but I would challenge that his winning percentage is...

Latest Intel: In between coordinating Philippine storm relief efforts through his Tim Tebow Foundation, reports also indicate that Mr. Tebow continues to work on his fitness and throwing mechanics, with the ex-Gator, Bronco, Jet, and Patriot spotted regularly at the USC campus.

Will Tebow suit up this year? Next year? What do you think?


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