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Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Football

If any NFL seekers arrived here after searching for Friday football, well, sorry mates - this post is all about the beautiful game. And what better way to start out than this lovely young lady (video link courtesy of a great find over at The Beautiful Game):

Yikes! If that girl is the future - look for the women's game to make huge strides in the next 5-10 years.

Speaking of the future of soccer, Freddy Adu used to be the next great American hope (albeit imported from Ghana) for our country's future in the beautiful game. But he is currently languishing near the bottom of the Portuguese 1st division at Belenenses, on loan from more successful cross-town rivals, Benfica.

Freddy is only 20, yet his star has waned since debuting as a 14-year-old in MLS. One can only hope he can convince his new manager to give him more playing time - especially with the loss of Charlie Davies for the World Cup - now only 8 months away.

Speaking of stars on the wane, several years ago, a young Christiano Ronaldo - C-Ron to the Johnny-come-lately's - burst on the scene and fairly took the soccer/footballing world by storm. It didn't hurt that he played for my favorite team, Manchester United. It's always nice when arguably the best player in the world is on your side.

But where is C-Ron now?

In this old video, he's pitted against the once-king of football - Ronaldhino; another brilliant player who has let success go to his head (and gut).

The sad fact is, Ronaldo was traded to Real Madrid over the summer and has been injured for much of the season, unable to play for the Galacticos or in Portugal's crucial World Cup qualifying ties. C Ron had it great at Man U. He was truly the best player around. Now, he is just the most expensive bench warmer there is.

Does this all have a point? No, not really.

Our youngest - a junior in high school - played in the first game of the HS season last night. He did well, but they still drew 1:1 against the opposition. Not to worry, much more to come!

Our oldest just finished his first season of college footy. He didn't see much playing time off the bench as a freshman but he is getting invaluable training and should be stronger, faster and ready to compete next season.

Happy Friday all and don't forget to watch or play some football this weekend!


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  1. I will probably never the hang of football, but I'm glad that you get so much enjoyment from it. Even though I don't understand much about it, you videos are fun to watch! However, I expect that I do learn a bit just by reading your posts. Thanks!


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