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Thursday, November 19, 2009

This could have been a boring blog...

...but instead, it's awesome! because I was able to meet some tremendously talented people last night - some that I have known for years, but have never met!

I attended the monthly meeting of the Written Remains writers group in Newark (pronounced New - Ark, so I'm told), DE.

Honestly, I've been slacking in the writing department for the last several months, with this humble blog amounting to the most creative writing I've done in ages. But last night, able to sit with my friends and fellow writers, well, I felt nothing less than inspired.

We enjoyed the aromatic atmosphere and ambiance of Panera as stories were discussed and dissected, knight-warrior's motivations were unpacked, and zombie redneck girls were sympathized with.

The highlight of the evening was finally getting to meet - live and in person - Sherry Thompson, author of Seabird and the soon-to-be released, epic follow-up, Earthbow.

Thank you Joanne for helping make it all possible and thank you to Justynn Tyme and la jeune fille de dressage for a most memorable evening. I wish you all continued success in your creative endeavors and hope that our paths will cross again.

Until then, bonne santé, bonheur et la bénédiction de Dieu sur vous tous.



  1. We were happy and pleased that you could join us and hope there will be many more opportunities for you to be with us in person! It was great fun to keep your "presence" a secret and surprise Sherry. And the fact that the first time you and Sherry met in person was at writers group certainly made the meeting more exciting. It was great having you there to be part of the discussion!

  2. Thanks again for letting me participate - I worked on some more comments for Sherry during my layovers today.

  3. Thanks for thinking about meeting with Written Remains while you were in Delaware!

    I was mostly definitely surprised and very pleased to see you for the first time in approximately ten years. I was especially grateful for the chance to chat with you before the official meeting began.

    You're a good sport, for taking part in our critiques as an emeritus WR member. I'm so sorry that you couldn't find a pick-up soccer group to play with. Had you known, you might have been able to check out the soccer fields at the UD and found a few students practicing or just fooling around.

    Next time, I'll have to travel part of the way south to an SF/fantasy/writing conference -- one that might entice you to attend it as well. :-)


  4. Sherry, it wouldn't have been Delaware without you :-)

  5. Yeah, that's the problem --it's Delaware. Why can't it be Ocean City, NJ or Florida?

  6. I thought Delaware was charming - and all the more so for the lovely people I was able to meet :-)

  7. I didn't know Sherry was a real person! I thought she was merely a legend- like Bigfoot, but shorter.

  8. LOL Dave...I know she is real now - and such a sharp lady!


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