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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Third time is the charm

As I write this entry, I an in the lobby of Gulf Breeze Hospital, a member of the Baptist Health Care family of medical centers.

My wife is undergoing a partial knee replacement - her third knee surgery this year. After two 'scopes, an injection program and copious physical therapy, our doctor has decided that this is the best option for her to finally get over the knee problems that have been a thorn in her side for so long.

I'm a little slow, so asked the doctor to draw me a picture. Amazingly, it looked a lot like the one below:

You see, the problem is, my wife had torn her meniscus a couple of times and the knee joint had reached a point where the top bone was rubbing on the bottom bone. Friction in a joint, especially a load-bearing joint, is not a good thing.

Basically, they are going to readjust the knee joint, put in the two pieces you see in the x-ray image above, and sew it all back up with staples holding the 3-4 inch opening together.

Amazingly, she will be walking on it today!

Most likely we will have an overnight stay so the staff can make sure everything is going according to plan and we'll get to go home tomorrow.

We are praying for a full recovery according to God's good plan (plan bon dew in Creole). And once Nance is all better, I'm going to go in for some adverb therapy.


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  1. May all things go as both of you and the Lord wish. It is amazing how they want people with knee operations to get right back up on t/h/e/ h/o/r/s/e their feet almost immediately.
    Doing all of one's physical therapy is -extremely- important after knee surgery. I've heard reports from people who cooperated about this and from those who didn't. The longterm comfort and mobility differences are pretty startling between the two groups. (How do I know so many people who have knee operations? In my old church, I was one of the youngest members. ;-) )

    Wish Nance well!!!

    Under the Mercy,


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