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Saturday, November 20, 2010

You want to know what faith is?

So many people today question faith. What is it? What, or who, should we direct it toward? How do we cling to it in the worst of times? Over the last ten years I thought I had made some progress in understanding the answers to those - and many more - questions. This morning, I discovered I don't know squat.

If you want to make that discovery for yourself, read this article about a man named Chad Arnold. The journey that this man - and his family - have been on moved me to tears. As I read, I thought of Bible passages I have learned that spoke to what he has gone through, what he's going through and what he will go through. It's not that God's Word is insufficient in Chad's case - quite the opposite - it's just the thought of, "What can I possibly say that could connect with what Mr. Arnold has gone through?"

He is a walking illustration of what the Bible is all about. Sentence after sentence, paragraph after paragraph. You want to know what faith is? Just read about Chad and his brother Ryan and all the rest.

Chad's blog continues to document this story as he and the Arnold family continue to live through the loss they've experienced. I am astounded by their faith and challenged by their lives.

What do you think?


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