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Friday, February 27, 2009

Leave it to the Irish

It's Friday - and you know what that means.

In this article, MSNBC reports that Europe's largest low-cost carrier, Ireland's Ryanair, is mulling over whether to put pay toilets on their aircraft. 

I can invoke the, "Leave it to the Irish," expression because, thanks to my Pop, I are one, as they say.

I love Ireland and I love the Irish; and by no means does Ryanair have the corner on the budget airline market in Europe. EasyJet, better known as SleazyJet, is right up there delivering the best Euro air travel cattle-class has to offer. But please; pay toilets on airplanes? Talk about financial meltdowns!

What are the potential pros and cons:


1. It's Europe. Flights aren't that long and unless you've had a few pints in the lounge waiting to rush the boarding ramp, chances are you can make it an hour or two without needing to use the Lav.

2. According to the article, making the toilets 'pay-as-you-go' will help lower fares. I guess keeping the loo cleaner brings down maintenance costs. Of course, one bad apple...

3. Lots less wobbly tourists bumping the aisle-sitters as they bobble back and forth to do their business - oh, and not as many window-sitters climbing up and down.


1. Er, about that curry you had for lunch.

2. You know there are people hammering it in the lounge before the flight - and they'll be by the window. It's Murphy's law.

3. What about the kids? "Dad, I have to!"

And don't forget the biggie: "Where did I put that copper?"

Can't you see the people in the rear seats scalping for bog entry?

"Why yes, I have a pound coin. If you'll just slip me that fiver, you're in like Flynn!"

People will find a way to profit from anything.

I won't be flying in Europe any time soon. But come on, you know it won't be long before Southwest says, "Now there's a good idea!"

That's what I like about driving. You are captain of your own ship, as it were. Heck, in a dire situation, you can pull off to the side of the road if there are no rest stops or bio-hazardous gas stations handy.

Air travel used to be so cool.


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