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Monday, January 11, 2010

Light (warmth) at the end of the tunnel?

Honestly. I don't know how people function in northern climates.

In NW Florida, it's been incredibly cold for a couple of weeks now. Before you start giggling and pointing, making rude noises, and decrying the stamina and character of Southern citizens, understand that incredibly cold for Florida is in the teens and twenties at night while barely making it above freezing during the day. We live in Florida because we like warm weather - and don't like cold weather.

I thought we might see this scene late last week...

Thanks to Sherry T for providing a little humor on a tough morning (our power went out at about 5:45 this morning; when it was roughly 18 degrees. Props to Gulf Power for getting it running again by 8:00 a.m.)

Luckily, it looks like by Wednesday or Thursday, we may be back to what we consider normal: 40's at night and 50's-60's during the day.  Praise the Lord!



  1. Really, I felt sorry for the people in Florida and Dallas over the past few days of cold. After all, it isn't supposed to be freezing there and you aren't set up for it. We literally have warmer clothes available and better heat for the weather. And then there's the vegetation...What a terrible time for the electric to go out!

  2. Thanks Cathi - it was not a fun spell. On the good side, I had an opportunity to work in the cold-weather shelter at our church and was able to be a part of helping some very nice folks.



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