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Friday, January 29, 2010

The Marlboro Man is 65?

Nothing much in the entertainment world shocks me - mainly because I ignore it completely - but as I read the paper this morning I noted that Tom Selleck was 65 today. Wow.

Would you have a gunfight with this man?

Actually, I can't find anything that confirms Mr. Selleck was ever the Marlboro man. I think I remember him in old Stetson cologne ads and I did see an unconfirmed post that indicated he did do ads for Winston and Salem cigarettes, but sorry - he's not the Marlboro man.

Most of us probably remember him best as that cooler-than-cool private investigator, Magnum P.I.

I always wanted the car...

Man, I must be getting old.

On a side note, just a quick rant about celebrities in general. 

Do you remember when a star got his hands and/or feet imprinted in the concrete in front of Grauman's Chinese theater - along the so-called walk of fame?

Back in the day, you had bonafide stars like Bette Davis, Bob Hope, John Wayne, etc. setting their prints into concrete immortality and getting their star on the famous sidewalk.

Nowadays, who do we get?

Is this what passes for a star today?

No offense to Ms. Spears, but I just can't put her in the same class as, say, Lauren Bacall:


Yes, I'm getting old. But to me, class never goes out of style. 
I don't worship celebrities; don't even think about them that much. But when I do (think about them, that is), I prefer mine classic.

What do you think?


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